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Create more room for guests, work, hobbies and everyday living with Murphy Bed systems. Transform walls, desks and closets into elegant, practical, comfortable spaces.
Murphy Bed
Whether you are a consumer or real estate developer, whether you want to build your own Murphy Bed or order a customized Murphy Bed system installed by our skilled staff, Supreme Kitchens & Millwork Ltd. can help!
Supreme Kitchens & Millwork Limited of Regina, Saskatchewan are kitchen planning and remodeling contractors.  They are also makers of custom cabinets and household kitchen cabinets.

Just think of all the things you do in the kitchen.  You cook.  You clean.  You work.  You store.  You recycle.  What you need is a great place to perform all these tasks.  So we divided up the kitchen into little places we call work centers.  So much to do, so little time.
There are lots of different work centers. Here are a few examples:

Planning center: Create a layout with a desk area and file cabinets. This is a
great place to store papers, install a computer or sort mail.

Food storage center: It's important to have enough room to store food, especially

for big families. Adding a pantry makes it easy to access food fast.

Food preparation center: Where are you going to make that birthday cake or whip

up that Caesar salad? A peninsula on the end of a countertop is ideal for this kind

of work.

Cooking center: A built in stove, with plenty of work and storage space will not

only make cooking easier, but will make it enjoyable as well.

Clean-up center: Around the sink and its surrounding countertop area is where

most of your cleaning takes place. Install a rollout wastebasket here.

Recycling center: It's nice to have easy, efficient places to recycle things like

paper, plastic and aluminum. And with the right cabinet configuration they can

be hidden out of sight when not in use.

Supreme Kitchens offers numerous options for personalizing you cabinetry.  Ask
your kitchen designer for more information on styles and prices and which options
will best suit your needs.
Come on in and see our showroom today!

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