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Success is often translated as longevity in the construction industry. Supreme Kitchens has more than met this requirement by offering home owners the “kitchen of their dreams” for over 40 years.

“My Father and I started the original company over 40 years ago,” relates Rod Gregg, manager/owner of Supreme Kitchens. “A positive and enthusiastic response from our customers for our kitchen designs and installation convinced us to make this area our main focus in 1975.”

Over the years Gregg has seen an explosion in kitchen cabinetry and design and a number of companies come and go. “When we started we had one style of dark stained cabinet doors in either oak, birch or contemporary. Today the options are unlimited.” More wood species such as maple, cherry,hickory and lacquers are currently popular with a growing number of door styles, finishes, hardware, and assorted kitchen conveniences available that were unheard of 30 years ago. Experience helps Supreme stay on top of the market catering to a large client base consisting of home owners and kitchen designers in Regina and southern Saskatchewan.

Supreme Kitchens carries quality cabinets from 3 suppliers Superior Cabinets, Nickels Cabinets and Norelco Cabinets. “We deal with the suppliers who subscribe to the high standards and quality products our customers demand and have come to expect,” Gregg emphasizes. Supreme supplies and manufactures counter tops for kitchen and bath. The company also handles bathroom vanities,wardrobe cabinets and Murphy Beds.

Innovative design is aided by the use of computerized images. “We can generate perspective drawings, in black and white or color, show elevations, different layouts and cabinetry with our auto cad programs” notes Gregg. “The creative aspect still excites me after all these years. Taking four walls and designing a beautiful yet functional kitchen in the space is a challenge. It’s rewarding when the whole project comes together and the customer is pleased with the results.”

Giving good customer service by handling quality product and subcontracting with reliable trades people has been a guiding business principle. “We service what we sell and stand behind our efforts.”

The showroom displays five designer kitchens, samples of vanities and wall units. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. the showroom will only be open on Saturdays by appointment only. Contact Us to arrange for viewing.

Renovating Tips

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One of the most common questions we are presented with is, “How long will it take?”

8 – 10 Weeks: from the start of job (Note, times may vary on size of job)
3 – 10 Working Days: for complete installation of kitchen (varies with size and complexity of job)
3 – 7 Working Days: for manufacturing of counter tops after cabinets are installed

Our installers will do their best to minimize disruptions to your household, but remember that your kitchen will be
a construction site during installation! Please be prepared to make alternate plans for food preparation during installation.

There are several things you can keep in mind to make the job go smoothly.

To properly design your kitchen the designer requires precise details of any planned changes that will affect the cabinet layout:

  • Replacement, removal or relocation of windows, doors or walls
  • Replacement or relocation of appliances
  • Specifications are required for all appliances including sizes, cut-out sizes for built-ins, required clearances for gas ranges and any other pertinent information
  • Relocation or changes to plumbing, heating or electrical
  • Type of floor covering. Hardwood or ceramic tile may be up to an inch thick which could be significant in the design of the kitchen


Old cabinets should be removed prior to arrival of new cabinets:

  • If we are doing the removal of the existing cabinets then all items must be removed from the cabinets and counter tops before the installer arrives
  • If you plan to reuse or sell the old cabinets you must make it clear to the salesperson before a price is quoted if you intend to save the cabinets since it will be much more time consuming for the installer to disassemble some cabinets

If floor covering is being replaced:

  • Old floor covering should be removed and a new sub floor installed prior to cabinets installation
  • Vinyl floor covering or pre-finished hardwood flooring should not be installed until after cabinet and counter top installation
  • Unfinished hardwood flooring can be installed before the cabinets but should not be sanded or finished
  • Be sure the installer is aware of what type of floor covering is being installed so the installer can make allowances if necessary

Modifications to plumbing and electrical lines must be completed before cabinets are installed:

  • Existing plumbing should be capped 4″ – 5″ from the wall


Replacement, relocation or removal of windows, doors and walls should be complete. Wall repair and ceiling repair should be completed before cabinet installation but the finish coat of paint should be applied after the installation of cabinets and counter tops to avoid damage:

  • The installer will exercise utmost care when doing his job but minor touch-ups by the homeowner may be required

All furniture and accessories should be removed from the room prior to arrival of the installer. If they cannot be removed prior they should be covered for protection.

Appliances must be removed from the room.

Handy Checklist

Everyone Needs a Handy Checklist....



  • Remove old cabinets
  • Make all plumbing, heating and electrical changes
  • Complete replacement, relocation or removal of windows, doors and walls
  • Repair walls and ceilings
  • Remove old floor covering
  • Repair or replace sub-floor
  • Remove all furniture and accessories from room or cover for protection
  • Remove appliances from room


  • Delivery of Cabinets
  • Installation of Cabinets
  • Final measurement for counter tops
  • Build counter top on site or install pre-manufactured counter tops
  • Cut out for sinks, cook-tops & wall ovens
  • Homeowner is responsible for supplying correct template – extra charge for call backs
  • Clean up and final adjustment of doors


  • Installation of plumbing fixtures by plumbing contractor
  • Installation of light fixtures, appliances and trim by electrical contractor
  • Finish coat of paint by painting contractor
  • Installation of finish floor by flooring contractor

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